A new lesson


Today when I woke up…

there is nothing ridiculous about it.. everyone wakes up in this world..

I experienced ‘something’, it was not the constant shouting of my mom, it was not the volume of the T.V singing bhajans at high volume, it was… something else.

I noticed that I was not sleeping in mine room but it was the other one.. there were windows opposite to me and as soon as my eyes opened in this somewhat chilly morning i found the warmth and light escaping in and transcending from the sun itself and it was magical.

Despite of having a lot of tasks to do in another hectic day, I was dumb struck. I sat there only for some minutes and kept staring at the beam which was created. All the things coming in its way were shining bright and those left out of its light appeared so dull as if they no more existed.

My always-ready-to-become-philosophical mind started it’s morning exercise and a stream of thoughts just drowned me in for many hours..

From the apple on the table to the mars in the space now had my attention and everything seemed to have the kind of life which this beam was giving me. I realized it’s not how much light you get to get shiny, it’s how much shiny you yourself are to give light. I was focusing more on sun now, how shiny it is in itself that it shines the rest of the world without even speaking once of it’s might it silently keeps on making other mightier day by day.

And this was the perfect thought to be motivated and start my day ahead on a positive note. I had got my lesson.

I had to shine.. from inside, very silently, without boasting, with serenity, without cruel feelings for anyone without discriminations. I had to make others shine too. I wanted to give my light to others now so we all become twinkling stars of equality not like the one mighty sun and all other lifeless dependents.

I wonder how intelligent is that being sitting above us, watching us from the heaven who never came in front of us but never misses an opportunity of sending his blessings in the form of such beautiful life, some really interesting thoughts and many handy lessons which otherwise would have been a hard nut to crack….

As I always believe in the great thought ‘the quality of ones life depend on the quality of his thoughts’.


take care…:-):-)


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  1. Aparana Mittal

    This is a terrific piece. Everybody has their light and dark sides, it becomes therefore important to decide which side to reflect upon. That only differentiates a good and a bad Human.
    Rising in your life might be easy, but not losing the humility and not detaching yourself from your roots is important. 🙂 🙂

    • Am honored to hear that. Awesome to see people like my work.

      Its true that we need to be humble and polite as we rise because these might be the only things behind our rise.

      🙂 🙂

      Thanks a lot!

  2. its true how we come across numerous little things like these but our mechanized minds block out these little big things…nature teaches us something every day, every other moment…WE have to be receptive to benefit from it….this account, an insight, must say!!! 🙂

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