Being Human

The day I got to know about Salman Khan’s charity ‘Being Human’, it struck a chord with me. A strong sense of familiarity appeared and it was then I realized that this was the name I chose for the donation drive at school. Something really simple and helpful.
We did nothing more than just collect a day’s pocket-money(or more as per their wish) from the interested students and some amount from teachers every month and then use it all to distribute stationary to the students of the nearby underprivileged children’s school. This experience was one of its kind and to the soft heart of my childhood it gave tons of important lessons.

Winter is on the rise in the capital and coldness is also increasing in the hearts of people. It is painful to see children lying on footpaths in the biting cold or the laborers working harder and harder in this crushing season just to provide themselves with enough fuel to light their stoves and feed their children.

I always have observed that the major cause for this whole heart-rending situation is not just coldness in the weather or economic failures but also the greedy and selfish hearts of the people. I have never ever seen so much harshness in people that now they don’t even help on being asked(begged) for it. Forget donating to charitable institutions, voluntarily.

Is it why our account balance increases but the number of our real well wishers friends decreases? or Is it just another way to protect your own family from future turmoil(which rarely happen to the well off people)?

Answer lies in YOUR heart and with each passing moment the situation of an underprivileged child worsens. The more you wait, the more he loses. Go out and donate. Even if it’s the worst pair of jeans you have or the dirtiest shoes you own. Something is definitely better than nothing.

When you find yourself comfortable with giving things and increasing smiles, go on and sometimes buy new things for themselves as well. It’s not only your birthday that needs to be eventful and fun-filled.
They too deserve a piece from the cake. Think about it.

P.S. These are some of the organizations/projects you can donate your stuff/time/money to:
1. CRY
4. NGO’s like Sanjeevani, Armaan Foundation, Smileandyou etc etc.
5. My favorite: Find a child near you, give him all he needs and make him smile. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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  1. simple yet heart touching. struch a chord within me and made me think abt alot of thngs. thnx for the article mayank!

  2. Heart touching..really…..we are actually bcomin money minded…..n callous persons……n if u talk abt charity…its absolutely….nil….such an embarrising situation dat we are acually losing a sense of humanity…….good to know dat there are some people who are still doing a little bit to help destitutes………n yeah hindustan times also has taken an iniative for helping the poor people in winters (specially)…dats d most easiest way for donating woolens etc…..u need to call dem up or contact your nearest center…..

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