It will all end… Leave it to live!

“Did this thing changed me from inside or was the change whole external (including the bruises under the eyes extending to the nose)??” asked Rahul, my friend indeed.

It had been days since he got the shock of the millennium when his mother came to know about his smoking habits and the way he had failed miserably in his maths re exam which his parents never knew about!
I thought for a while and this we-always-rock attitude took over me and exclaimed “oh come on Rahul, don’t be so sad. You have a lot in life to look for tomorrow!!”
As expected of a moron he shot his question “Like what, tell me and this whole treat is one me”
Now someone as broke and as miser as me would stop breathing if someone offered free oxygen later…
and the same happened, All my energies now got focussed on winning the samosas and how to get that luscious patties on my plate and ya solving Rahul’s 200rs problem too (bill of the maharaja treat šŸ˜‰ )..

with that warm, dark, grey and whatever look in my eyes I started speaking and giving reasons for rahul to shower more treats. “you have the most loving girlfriend with you”

Rahul frowned a bit more. It took sharing three sips of my coke to make that jerk speak again. “we broke up last night”.
Now that is amazing… I thought. My brain slapped me hard and reminded it was rahul’s issue to be sorted first then only I can go to the new girl-in-the-radar matter.

I asked him the reason and the reply was…
“she is a pathetic girl man. She never understood me. what the heck if I needed my cigars more than her. she still never cared about me. she wanted a clean boyfriend but never told me the meaning. I hated to make her disappointed so I didnt bath for a month till I finally got the meaning. she was actually referring to cigarattes. I said its over and she said she was thankful to god for that and that night became the worst one. she even threw away my all private stock of 5 boxes”
seeing Rahul’s masculine body I could never dream of kicking this pig so hard that transfers him to Bangladesh. I thought it was better idea to calm down through pepsi…

In few minutes I thought of taking the moral and social responsibility of telling this moron that he actually was one I started speaking with my hand on his back.
“Look Rahul I know you are torn, alone and lonely”

hell they all mean the same thing.

I can understand your position but trust me it would not have happened if you never had this habit of smoking. Now everything in your life has ended in smoke. Isn’t it your fault??”

Rahul answered “See I never expected much in life except a 5rs discount on a packet of red and white which I always get. How can you say that I am wrong if I didn’t behaved like you all thought i would.”

He had a point. only the super lucky get this once in a lifetime discount of rs5 and that really made him correct in his case.
I realized that this man had nothing except cigarettes in mind so if one sentence wrong and I am in ashes, forget hospital.

I calmly replied on seeing he had paid the 200 bucks already to the waiter standing on our heads like a fly sits on a laddu (an Indian sweet).
“Rahul, I am your real friend and I am there whenever you need me but this time I am of no use. I cant give you a sound advice so its better you stop relying on me.”

In other words it meant when will you let me go moron? people are waiting for me outside. They are waiting to get caught in my trap and treat me. Till how long I would have to hmm and keep my head nodding in respect of your agonies.??

Rahul perhaps got the point and said “ok dude. thanks for being a calm listener and i seriously don’t think anybody will ever understand. you enjoy your life and i will carry on with mine though a bit sadly.”

I did not wait a single moment, I got up and gave this moron a last hug and wished that i never encounter him again in life… i walked to my home back….ahhh.. RELIEF!

rahul’s text reads “hey dude… m sorry.. things are fine now.. m really happy..:)”
I got pissed off (shit man! I needed his girlfriend to be mine.)
I texted, trying to be excited “oh thats great! what happened!”

And rahul’s reply will say it all why I have been hating smokers. fools and liars for past 18 years
” Dude there is a new smoke club in the city which gives rs 10 discount on cigarettes. Moreover there are some hot girls too who smoke too. Moreover my girl friend’s dad died of lung cancer… he never asked me to smoke with him. Life is really nice… puff…puff… red and white rocks!!”

No words, I had just tears, of seeing my friend go into hands of death and insanity by that bloody thing called cigarette… I just prayed for his well being and slept…..


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