Nothing lasts forever… except Friendship!

Think about it.
You are watching your favorite sitcom or the thriller show you love sitting alone in the blanket on a dark winter night. It’s cold, not only outside the window. The episode you are watching turns out to be full of emotions and the instances are identifiable with your own (maybe recent) past. You might have enjoyed those moments in your life but when you watch you have tears running down to your cheek or the vice versa.

This is that moment when you get goose bumps like someone played your own story on the tube and you wish you could change that part of your life exactly the way it has been portrayed or even better. We never get satisfied with our lives and thus, the quest for the immortal elixir called happiness continues indefinitely.

I have spent some of the best times of my life with my friends and when I look down the memory lane I get those nostalgic outbursts and I end up texting my old, ‘real’ friends about something unimportant(which is usually made up) and that’s just because I want to know if they are fine or not.

That’s what I love the most. We live but we don’t want to let others know creep into our private lives. We enjoy but we don’t want our friends to leave us alone even when we deny them their position in our world. There is this some unseen, unnoticed but eternal bond which runs through each and every person you have ever met and connected with.

The facebook friend you chatted with only once but got to really get along or the best friend you lost contact with years ago will continue to give you goosebumps every time you look behind.

Some of the will be gone forever never to see you in person again. But, most of them would be there. Waiting for you and having goose bumps just like you. The zing in their life is missing without you or incomplete somewhat.

Go ahead. Connect with one of your friend today whom you forgot long ago or still miss. Ask them where they have been and how was life without you. It won’t be long before you both become the best friends again and that single call makes you a doorway into each other’s world again.

Life is beautiful and with friends who never leave, it’s FUN too.


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  1. Heart touching again….& yeah, i hv almost lost my best friend ..Ahh!!…God only knows hw mny times i miss her in a single day…. 😥 😥 .She was the one wid whom i shared everything ‘from a pin to an aeroplane’…keeping jokes apart…..she was my soul who taught me mny things…& after reading this beautiful heart touching para…i will try my best to come into contact wid her anyhow……. 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot Divya! I truly wait for your comments on every post I write.

    All the best for your friend. Do make up with them ASAP. You won’t regret your decision.

    Take Care! 🙂

  3. indeed true……great work mayank…
    u know its always awesome reading your blogs….i simply love ’em!!
    keep blogging…!! 🙂


  4. aah….u just made me emotional! i am just rewinding my lyf ryt now and really truly missing that golden tym wen my bestest frnd used to be my syd at all tyms. really, lyf moves on but sumtyms we dnt want to move along with it. simple words mayank yet very powerful! 🙂 thnx.

  5. i can totally relate…love for friends is the next big thing to mom’s love…they support you through thick and thin…your partners in crime, and angels in despair…
    and this one reminds me of just one jingle..har ek friend zaruri hota hai!!!! 😉

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