Economy with a twist

‘The very basis of analysis is the paralysis.’ This is the statement which sparked off a debate between me and my friend while we were discussing economies last night.

He was making a point about the way Indian economy is progressing is satisfactory enough for the situation and there is no need to worry as we are going to be the world’s no.1 economy by 2050. I was not ready to believe it so easily and decided to dig a little deeper and put my knowledge to application here. 

This statement made me think a lot and after some thoughts I realized quite a few nuances about the current trends.

India is slowly marching on the path or progress, this is proved not by the GDP growth rate, but by the social and economic issues it faces. No frog faces a competition when it’s in the well. India is hence out in the open and going strong to face issues such as inflation and corruption head on.

Maintaining a satisfactory growth rate among all this is a commendable task.



The real problem arises when we start comparing ourselves to china which in no way is a good thing to do. China’s history is as different from India as Africa’s from United States. China has been no doubts, going through this miraculous period of growth but it comes at a price. Almost 3 generations have been ruined there working hard all around the year, just to ensure that the products built in china are the most efficient and cost effective. Children have been virtually forced to take up sports in school so that they guarantee meddles in Olympics and world stage. This is not all. A survey of scientific literacy for 2010 by the China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRSP) gave China a mark of 3.27 percent, meaning that only three out of 100 Chinese citizens on average possess scientific literacy, China Youth Daily reported.

This shows, that all has been not good for the nation now having the best nuclear program, manufacturing world’s best companies’ latest phones, gaining top spot at the Olympics and at the same time countering problems like overpopulation, a huge economy and wealth divide.

Coming over to India, Things have been comparatively good. The era where Chinese were losing their sleep and struggling for food was the era where culture was flourishing in our country. People were enjoying Bollywood movies, reading English novels and a few scientists were busy making their own missiles. Lack of interest in Indians to go for Indian army has also hampered our defense capabilities. This proves the fact, that even after there were internal conflicts, rising prices and corruption cases, we have had some smooth decades out there.

And right now, the struggle phase is catching up. We are having corruption, our sports are lacking behind, population explosion is at all time high, stock markets are highly volatile and the whole world is watching with glued eyes to see how we perform. It’s pressure at its mighty best, a great opportunity for us to shine. After seeing the unrest after an average union budget and the great applause to the refreshing rail budget I hold optimism that we really can go beyond all our past glories and current troubles. We can go to unseen heights and get unfathomable laurels.

It would just take an optimistic and daring attitude. Of not shying away from troubles, bearing the problems and finally making our mark when nobody else expects us to!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – M.K. Gandhi

You are more than welcome to share your views. 


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  1. I like this.
    The article can be made more interesting by including details of inflation, balance of payments and future challenges apart from GDP. 😀
    Great one though 🙂

  2. Divya Malhotra

    No doubt,China is flourishing a lot in every area of economy .be it trade wise ,population wise & what not.People ,there, are very diligent & practical too .India ,on the other hand,too is making efforts to come at par with other developed nations of the world, for e.g literacy rate has gone up,infant mortality rate is going down etc…The need of the hour is to cooperate with the Govt. n abide by all the rules implemented by the Govt for our own good &well abt corruption….i think it runs in every blood….dont u agree??…..Criticizing Govt n doing nothing fr the development of d nation will not let the work done….A nation is build by its people . So, it is our duty to make it more flourished n the GOLDEN BIRD . Over & above a nice comparison of both the nations…i lykd it……..

    • I truly agree with your views that corruption is flourishing in India whereas economy is flourishing in China, but the point to be noted here is that not every one is corrupt and a little corruption is present in every democracy. We just need to stop ranting about the problems and work towards the solutions. Thanks a lot for commenting. Keep coming back for more! 🙂

  3. Nice one !! Would really want to see an extension to this article with little more about Current Indian economy, its facts and figures.

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