Why I Love Summers in Delhi

I was sitting on the station bench when the gleaming metro lights came rushing inside from the tunnel and the loud noise of the horn sent shivers down the spine as the metro just parked at the platform.  What happened next was an everyday sight, nothing special about it. A huge mass of people were struggling with each other, some wanted to come out of the metro to proceed to their destination and others’ destination went along the path of the metro. This made me realize the never-ending misery of a metro traveler and how it increases as the summer arrives. People leave all sorts of public and even personal travel to bask in the comfort of AC travel in metro along with no hassles of jams though you can’t eat in metro. Pun intended.

The next thing I knew was that I was left behind on the same bench in the whole tussle and I was now struggling with my own thoughts to decide upon whether Delhi summers are actually worth it. Isn’t Delhi an annoying city when it goes through summers?

Answer to the questions can be a single word, No. Delhi is one of the most glorious cities of not just India but world and it cannot lose its sheen in any weather that comes its way.

I personally rant a lot about scorching heat in Delhi but when it comes to my heart it never wants to go away. There are a few things I observed about Delhi summers.

1. Relationships Adhesive: “When things are going wrong, you need the right people.” Every mother gives solace to her children when they come back home after a long hot day, same is the case with every one of our loved ones whom we love even more when we spend a day out in the summers of Delhi. Summer is the best time to mend old bonds and make new ones.

2. Self-Improvement: “World frustrates you a lot, and all you can do then is look inside.” A day in Delhi summers can teach anyone how incapable they are to handle heat (read problems of life). It not only acts as a mirror for physical strength but also helps in imparting the importance of mental strength and virtues like patience, perseverance and hard work.

3. Conversation starter: This one is my personal favorite. Walk around any busy street, alley or even public transport and you will find people talking at length about the way heat is killing them and how the monsoon is still far away. Only fact that you will fail to realize is that these people were complete strangers minutes ago. It fascinates me to see people bond over the problems, talk and discuss and then sometimes, depart in their own directions or sometimes a lifelong friendship or bond is created. All thanks to the shining sun.

4. Savory Delights: Summer brings with itself a lot of delicacies to Delhi. Mango is everyone’s favorite while ice creams are a must-have after every family dinner. Long walks are rarely completed without an original ‘matka kulfi’ and long drives are all about drinking cold drinks and sherbet. Life is so much delicious in summers. City is filled with fruits to eat, juices to drink and experiences to share.

5. HOLIDAYS! Summers are the time when all the schools and colleges are closed in Delhi and children and youth have a gala time. This is the best time to explore city as people are present in masses with their friends and family and it gives the feel of being in a nice, happy crowd. Smiling faces can be seen all over as youth goes out at nights and evenings to celebrate and movie theaters run full houses even at the mornings.
Summer ain't the only one.


Summers are beautiful. And we cannot ignore the way romance was linked to those rising sun and summer days in old times. Once love blossomed in the shades of trees and streets hiding from the sun. It is just our impatience and technology which has made us averse to any change in our surroundings. To me, Delhi is the best place to be in summers and it always will be.
“Those who do not see the difficulties, never actually get to taste the rewards.”

Happy summers! 🙂


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  1. Litika Sachdeva

    And as always….awesome thot nd superb description thru words! 🙂

    keep goin…! looking forward to many such awesome thot provoking blogs by you!


  2. couldn’t agree more!!!
    savory delights are my personal favorite!! the mangoes, the aam-panna, fresh lemon juice and roohafza ofcourse 😉
    and beating the heat with water rides and amusement parks…..
    we all go ranting about in the summers and cursing arnd in the winters…all seasons are beautiful in their own way…and its delhi my friends!! its got to be special 😉
    enjoy every aspect of it!! 🙂

    • Exactly Puneet!
      Nothing better than Delhi to spend summers. This city turns all the more ‘warm’. 🙂
      Thanks for liking. Keep coming back for more. 🙂

  3. Aayush Arora

    Conversation Starter…..Now that I think about it, I realise that’s so true. Nice observation man.

  4. PushDumpFatButton

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.

  5. Divya Malhotra

    Stupendous work!!…no words….i mean!!….unique ability to find positivity in every part of nature….personally i don’t like summer season…but after reading this..a sense of guilt has arrived in my heart….Gosh!!…u hv expressed a unique side of summer season….savoury desserts….roohafza…yumm yumm….keep writing and keep shining…..

    • It really is a wonderful season.
      I can’t tell how happy it makes me to see you so like the post. 🙂
      Keep smiling and be positive about everything, its only one life we have. 😉
      Take care.

  6. Really nice! It holds true for most cities, btw 🙂
    You seem like a really positive person!

    • I am a positive person. 🙂
      And thanks a lot for the comments. Appreciated.
      Would like to hear from you about other ones too. and yes, you can follow the blog too.
      Take care! 🙂

  7. Great write-up Mayank. I can say Delhi’s summer can be beautiful as well as abysmal; depends how you see it. I like how you articulated everything. 🙂

  8. I am so glad to see a positive take on the scorching summer of Delhi. You`ve given words to some of my thoughts 🙂

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