Negotiations with myself





Probably its the treason, 

that’s the reason. 

Behind the agonies of our mind..

were made there in our 

Soul, to be free as air comes gushing removing the bind.  


Inexplicably dark,


Unfathomably bright,
This reason may occur,

To the man of might.

Wonder in the air

Comes only near,

Hiding in the war ,

Surreal since ever,

Bleak light making it far.


It went ahead

And never came

Life became clouded

It never rained.

Reality transpires through the breaking winds

Polluting the soul 

Of its worthy sins.

Never been easy, to realize

It’s a dream. Just a dream.



About Mayank Jain

@Mayank1029 on twitter.

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  1. “life became clouded,
    it never rained……..”
    beautiful lines!!!

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