Dusshehra- A Misinterpreted festival

Great post on the follies we commit knowingly and unknowingly during so called ‘celebrations’.

Life it is...


As an introvert and socially inactive kid, I always felt exasperated due to loud noises and highly crowded places. Not that I was an autism patient but this unease came pretty naturally.

The month of October witnesses one of the much-awaited festivals of the year- Dusshehra. Thanks to doordarshan I got to know the whole story behind this festival. Rama, the protaganist has to leave his home with his wife, Seeta, and brother, Laxman. During their voyage the antagonist with the name ‘Ravana’ kidnaps Seeta. Rama, with the help of his devotee ‘Hanumana’ and his army, saves his wife and eventually kills the villain. The festival marks the end of the evil and victory of hope.

This festival is celebrated with excitement of the highest level where cardboard statues of Ravana, his brother Kumbhkarana and his son Meghnatha are burnt. To increase the excitement the statues are filled with crackers…

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